Mechanical equipment




5 axis with the same 360-degree cutting. Greatly enhance the accuracy

High-speed milling can be the traditional three-processing process condensed into a high-speed machining, to avoid the traditional processing of multi-channel cumulative accuracy of the process of error, can be used to produce high- Greatly reducing the mold and parts of the processing time, really reached a high-speed, high-precision, high-efficiency manufacturing requirements.


Vacuum forming machine


Yixin use of PLC man-machine interface. Computer-controlled vacuum forming machine. Can be more accurate than the traditional molding machine temperature control. Pressure time. Vacuum can reach the best results. Heating. Stage 2. The softened plastic sheet is blown into the air first so that the bubble was bubbled, the purpose of the pre-forming materials in the stretch evenly, in stage three, the air flow in the opposite direction (vacuum), the mold to the workpiece , The use of a strong vacuum suction to pull the workpiece along the shape of the mold shape.Period of four with strong air to the finished product out.


Acrylic molding machine


Acrylic molding machine is the production of hot pressing the principle of objects. First acrylic plate after heating. Plane and then place the plane. Use of hydraulic pressure down. Such as acrylic cooling and hardening to complete the finished product


Mold equipment


High-speed high-power vertical machining machine, is designed for high-precision manufacturing and high-productivity processing industry designed and developed a new tool machine products. Widely used in mass production of steam locomotive parts production, high-speed precision aerospace and information industry parts processing, and all kinds of ultra-precision mold processing and production needs.


Press machine


This  press will effectively overcome the stamping when the opening deformation of the situation, stamping deformation of the machine table less crankshaft support point of special design, integrated gap is small, can minimize the amount of thermal changes. Dynamic balancing device, the slider in the high-speed motion state to maintain smooth accuracy. Easy to use NC controller, suitable for a large number of production.


Lathe equipment


This lathe has a special knife seat with more changes, more speed up the production speed accuracy, processing more stable. Production of aluminum mold when the effect is very good

Quality control inspection 




Vacuum forming machine




5DCNC Processing machine




厚板真空成型設備 厚板真空成型設備