Yixin Mould Limited was founded in 1969 specialized in tooling design and manufacture. Being one of the pioneers in the field, we have then established Yixin Plastic Co., Ltd in 1989. Yixin Plastic Co., Ltd is well known in producing highly durable plastics which can absorb strong impacts such as acrylic ABS, PS, PE, PETG, PC, PET and etc. As we believe that the machinaries are one of the most important elements to provide quality products, therefore at Yinxin Plastic Co., Ltd we ensure our machinery are state of the art in order to provide excellent service and products to our customers. With decades of experiences, we are able to lead the industry with our professionalism.
Lowering our customers’ cost yet provide quality products has been our main mission for years. At Yixin, we provide a one-stop-shop which includes product design, mould manufacturing, vacuum forming, 5D CNC machining cutting. Our job is to achieve customer satisfactory with the lowest cost without compromising on the product quality. Yixin owns a professional level 5D CNC machine which is able to perform 360° cutting with extremely high accuracy in order to meet the all standards. In addition Yinxin has continued to invest more equipment to advance our self.

With more than 20 years of experiences, Yixin has now successfully become the pioneer leading the vacuum forming indicator industry gaining major support and trust from our customers. Here at Yixin we believe in consistency in technical standards, research and innovation in order to provide the best service and pricing to our customers. Yixin Plastic Co., Ltd. will continue to drive our beliefs and grow along with our customers. Your advise is our key to success.